Press Coverage

The New York Times – The Detective Was a Performance Artist. The Evidence Is Now a Show.

“gently humorous, enchantingly quirky … a strangely entrancing new work."

Hyperallergic– A Performance Digs Into the Family History on a Found 1950s Wire Recorder

"An organic culmination of this unearthed story on midcentury American life, and its “little moments of humor, or moments of heartbreak” that Kobayashi discovered in the audio. And it’s the appreciation and pathos for these moments that makes the experience so compelling."

The Brooklyn Rail – In Conversation ALISON S. M. KOBAYASHI and CHRISTOPHER ALLEN with Tess Takahashi

“humor, pathos, and imagination combined with meticulous historical research”

YesBroadway – SAW IT...LOVED IT! Say Something Bunny! Review

"This is the future of art...the kind of really-well-done avant garde theater that gets the attention of the nominating committees for things like the MacArthur "Genius" Grant."

NOW Magazine – ★★★★★ Found audio fuels Alison S.M. Kobayashi's project at Gallery TPW earns a rare perfect score

“★★★★★ earns a rare perfect score … a work of profound empathy, lending meaning and drama to ordinary lives”

CBC – Hybrid media experiments with CBC Radio's Sook-Yin Lee

“Alison’s charting exciting new territory, combining video, installation, visual art, performance, and found source material.”

Jewcy – Jewcy Interviews: ‘Say Something Bunny!’

"An entrancing dive into the lives of a New York Jewish family in the 1950s."

No Proscenium – Eavesdropping on The Newburge Family in ‘Say Something Bunny!’ (The NoPro Review)

"For a few brief hours, David and George and Juliette and Sam and Stella are all alive again, resurrected by a stranger, one who cared enough about them to go digging far into the past, holding onto the ephemera they left behind. We should all be so lucky."

Canadian Art – Say Something Bunny! Review

“Composing whole lives out of fragments of intimate conversation.”

Vogue – The Best New Theater Experience in Town Is Nowhere Close to Broadway

"Say Something Bunny isn’t a line in the sand, it’s a gambit—an irresistible one. If you want to see a great performance, try to get tickets to Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway. If you want to reconsider the way you see, head to Chelsea."

Tablet – New York’s Hottest Indie Theater Show is About a Found Recording of a Jewish Family from the 1950s

"Somewhere between a one-woman multimedia play and a “live documentary,” Kobayashi takes her deliberately intimate audience on a journey through the wires (the first recording is Act 1; the second is Act 2), and what she found when she began to find answers to her questions on who these people were."

Art F City – When Facts Become Art: Alison S.M. Kobayashi at Gallery TPW

“Deeply felt and most remarkably, close and real… a multigenerational yarn of Rothian heights.”

Lighting and Sound America – Say Something Bunny! Review

"a one-of-a-kind performance piece that speaks volumes about families, changing times, and middle-class life in America in its post-World War II heyday. Every detail they unearth evokes a world that existed relatively recently and yet is long, long gone... It would be a mistake to miss the chance to get in touch with these voices from a lost world. "

NY Theater Buying Guide – Say Something Bunny! Review

"Our highest recommendation! The most original, enthralling, deeply human theater piece in the city, bringing back to life a New York family of the 1950s through brilliant multi-media, immersion, and “found objects”. Profound artistry makes for dazzling entertainment."

Per La Mente – An Immersive Performance that Transports Audiences to 1950s New York

"A piece that proves that enough ordinary details can paint an extraordinarily touching picture — one that, in Bunny’s case, culminates in a graceful, emotional reveal."

Now Magazine – The Toronto visual arts community chooses its favourite shows of 2016

She's proved you can find an interesting story behind anything if you're willing to dig for it.

Cornell Alumni News - Sound Track

"This unorthodox work takes a pair of long-forgotten recordings that Newburge made of family gatherings in the Fifties and turns them into a two-act, multi-media exploration."

Interludes – THE HANGOVER REPORT – Alison S.M. Kobayashi’s obsessive SAY SOMETHING BUNNY! is pure genius

"In the hands of Ms. Kobayashi, who also directs, the piece is pure genius, unfurling with the the utmost grace, wit, and intelligence."

TimeOut New York – The top ten theater productions of 2017

Say Something Bunny makes Time Out's Top ten theater productions of 2017!

TimeOut New York – Say Something Bunny! ★★★★ Review

“★★★★ Say Something Bunny! is light, sweet, funny and dear. But Kobayashi’s deep humanism has a way of moving you, even days later. She sifts through the details of strangers’ lives, a prospector who knows that the sand itself is precious. ”

Maxamoo Podcast– Review of Say Something Bunny!

"It's like a live NPR, if you like dramaturgy you will love this show... It's a hell of a ride."

Theatre Development Fund – Are You Ready for a Resurrection?

"A universal meditation on what it is any of us leave behind after we're gone... The chitchat on the audio may be unremarkable, but the show's presentation and message are profound and resonant."

Huff Post – Alison S.M. Kobayashi Breathes New Life into Found 1950s Wire Recording

“Kobayashi’s success turns on both her extensive, iterative approach to her research as well as her charismatic ability to commit herself completely to reenactments of dozens of characters”

Exeunt– Say Something Bunny! Review

"This fascinating show that is as much about artistic process as it is about human experience."

Show Showdown – Say Something Bunny! Review

"Every family... should be so brilliantly and lovingly reincarnated."

_docubase Interview with Alison S.M. Kobayashi from MIT's Open Documentary Lab

"A one-of-a-kind example of non-fiction storytelling that successfully combines a collective experience, live performance, and immersive media."

Canadian Art – Must-Sees This Week: March 24 to 30, 2016

"a must-see" Alison S.M. Kobayashi Fills in a Family’s Blanks at Gallery TPW

"Kobayashi pieces together a compelling new narrative, imagining fictional—but still plausible—personal histories for a set of complete strangers, while playfully prodding at notions of documentation, memory and identity."

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